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Have a look at this event that I am organising for Redefined Ministries International. This event is an easy way to be part of what we’re doing to assist the development of the Eastern Congo.

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Am I helpless to help?

I was reading an article the other day on the DRCongo and it gave me pause to think about why this country is in the state that it is in and why it isn’t getting the support that it needs and why we seem to have given it up as lost.

To quote the article:

“Yet the fact that Britain, the UN, Rwanda, the DRC government, the M23 and other parties directly or indirectly involved in this tragedy continue to act irresponsibly, or fail to act at all, is partly a result of the ignorance and indifference to Congo evident among public opinion in the developed world. In theory, the world cares, which is why the UN is there in strength. But for whatever reason, Congo does not register internationally as a cause or an issue. It is a stain on the global conscience that is largely ignored. For this lethal state of denial, all are to blame.”*

This makes it seem quite condemnatory but, taking a deeper look, I don’t believe it is that people and governments don’t want to help, rather I think it is that we feel powerless to help. Governments need the people in their countries to make it an issue before they feel they can step in. Individuals feel like the problems are too great for them. So where does that leave us?

Well, honestly, I have hope for that nation because of what God wants to do there. And there are already individuals seeking to make a difference in their nation. What impacted me about the DRC is the number of individuals of that nation, in that nation seeking to make a difference. They need us to come alongside them and help them in their work but it is such an encouragement to see the people say “we can’t wait for others to come and do the work for us, we need to lead the way”.

Application (what can I do?):

You can help! You can partner with that nation.

  • You can pray for them. You could become involved with a ministry.
  • You could get your school, church, workplace, social group, or sport’s team/club involved.
  • If you need help connecting with a ministry let me know (! I’ve met a range of people working in a range of areas.
  • And of course you can check out Redefined Ministries International, which I am a part of:

*Below is the link to the article in full: