School of Biblical Studies

Why am I passionate about the Bible? God’s Word is brimming with treasures for us to find – but we need to be equipped with the right tools for exploration. The School of Biblical Studies (SBS, YWAM) gave me such a tool and it has opened Scripture up to me in new ways. Whether on SBS, or in some other capacity, I am passionate about encouraging others to enter into the Word of God.  Anyone who enters into the Word, seeking His truths, in His presence, and desiring to explore His Word, can’t help to leave transformed by it.

Please see: for more information about the SBS.

Please see: for more information about the Kigali YWAM base.

Teaching the book of Hebrews in Muizenberg, South Africa

Teaching the book of Hebrews in Muizenberg, South Africa

About the SBS:

SBS stands for “School of Biblical Studies” and is a school of Youth with a Mission (YWAM). The school takes students through every book in the Bible (66 books in total), over a timeframe of 9 months. It is an intensive course, but immensely rewarding. There is really no better 9-month investment that a Christian could make than soaking in the Word of God! It is a school that lays a foundation of Biblical truth in the lives of believers.

The SBS 1, which we established in YWAM Rwanda in July 2014, is a shortened version of the full SBS. It introduces students to inductive Bible study and the different literature styles of the Bible. The students study most of the New Testament as well as gain an understanding of the different styles of literature in the Bible.

Why am I passionate about the SBS? 

Simply put, the Word of God brings LIFE! It really is that simple! But I understand you might want a bit more than that in means of explanation . . .

If the Word of God is truly the “lamp unto our feet”, then to be without it is to walk in darkness. How can we know which way to go if we are blundering around in the darkness?

Many people, both Christian and non-Christian, preach on morals and principles. Everyone has an opinion on what is right and what is wrong and there are many contradictions between these opinions. So how does one know what truly is truth? We can only go to the source; we must go to God, who cannot lie, and to the truth and authority of Scripture.

“For the word of God is living and active, sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing to the division of soul and of spirit, of joints and of marrow, and discerning the thoughts and intentions of the heart.” (Hebrews 4:12)

Alas, many of us within the church have not read the entire Bible, and even fewer have completed a study on each book. I was amongst this number. I desired to delve into God’s Word, and certainly valued it; I simply did not know how to study it in a meaningful way. The SBS proved to be the tool that I needed, which enabled me to open up the treasure chest of God’s Word and that is why I strongly desire to continue my involvement with SBSes; I want to be part of the equipping of the church, founding believers in the Word of God.

Students of the SBS

What do SBS students do?

During the course of 9 months, the students read through the Bible 5 times, completing an overall assignment for the book. The readings are as follows:

  • Outloud in one sitting; to obtain the big picture of the book.
  • Paragraph titles; giving a title to each paragraph in the book.
  • Colour coding; (my favourite!). Drawing pretty little squiggles over the page to highlight key parts of the text.
  • Divisions; breaking the book up into sections based on theme and content.
  • Builds; interpreting the text, asking questions of it to dig deeper, and of course bringing it to application.

The majority of the books have the same assignment pattern. As well as the above readings, students also summarise the overall message of the book, research historical background relevant to the book, and bring the book’s message to application points for their own lives.

My role on SBS 

I have been involved in staffing the SBS and lead the pioneering school (SBS 1) in Rwanda. The Rwandan school continues, led by an incredible staff team. I am now working on other projects, but teach on YWAM schools when given the opportunity.

Why am I excited to see the SBS being established in Rwanda?

Whilst there are many good Bible teachers in Africa, much of the African church has limited access to Bible training facilities. There is much wrong doctrine in Africa due to a lack of understanding of the historical context in which the books of the Bible were written. It is wonderful to see pastors, business men, missionaries and congregation members having the opportunity to dig deeper into the Word.

Of course, the SBS 1 in Rwanda is also open to international students and will be taught in English. I cannot recommend this experience enough to those coming in from outside Rwanda. They will not only gain deep truths about God and His Kingdom, but also be blessed to learn of Rwandan culture and experience new ways of living.

For more information about this school, please go to:  

YWAM Kigali

YWAM Kigali base


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