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Congolese Grandpa: A life of war, work and worship

Available in print from Amazon in b&w or colour. It is also available as an ebook on KindleNook, iBooks, Kobo, Scribd, Inktera, Oyster, Tolino, and more.

Congolese Grandpa is a biography on the life of Ukerdhogu Jalukal Evariste, who I know simply as “Grandpa”. His life inspired me when I first visited the Democratic Republic of Congo and it was a story I felt a fire to see told; I had little choice in producing this book. It tells Grandpa’s story in the midst of the greater picture of the DRC’s history from colonial days to its current state. There is much sadness in this tale, but also great hope.

It is hoped that Grandpa’s story will shed light on the lives of the ordinary people living extraordinary lives within the Congo. I pray that it will encourage you to once more have hope for this beautiful nation. All author proceeds go back to the people of the DRC and ministries in that area, particularly Redefined Ministries International.

Congolese Grandpa; with author proceeds going to support ministries in the DRC.

Congolese Grandpa, Kindle edition; author proceeds support ministries in the DRC.

The Bible Companian

This is a Bible study with a twist. It is not a commentary telling you what someone else believes, but a guided study that gives you the information needed to dig deeply into each book of the Bible for yourself. It focuses on studying book by book, rather than by theme, so you can come to know the Bible intimately.

The Bible Companion contains many extra tools such as providing you with the necessary historical background to study Scripture in context; key points to observe; guiding interpretation questions; and, of course, how to apply what you’re learning in your life. It also has character portrayals to help you step into the shoes of the original readers; guides you to find themes in the books; and helps you see the big picture of each book. I pray that it will equip individuals, small groups, churches and pastors in the Word.

I recommend the illustrated version – especially if you are a visual learner.

Available on Amazon and ebook stores

Available on Amazon and ebook stores

A Walk through Winter

Available on Kindle, Amazon, iBooks, Nook, CreateSpaceKobo, Scribd, InkteraOyster, Tolino, and more.

A fictional novel about the cost of divorce and the healing that can be found in Christ. I love reading Christian contemporary novels that encourage and challenge me in my relationship with God and others. I pray this will do likewise for you.

A Walk through Winter, Kindle edition