Respect dare series – day 21 – Do him good

Proverbs 31:12, 18-19

 She does him good, and not harm, all the days of her life . . .

I know I’ve given this verse before, but I just can’t get enough of it! It keeps coming back to mind in many different circumstances and contexts. If I could simply do him good every day, then there would be no need for me to focus on anything else; this covers everything!

Today my heart yearns to stay Glenn’s greatest fan. As teachers, we both enjoy critical feedback to improve, but I don’t want to forget to share the encouragement. Even if it is praise he has heard from me 1000 times, I want to share it for the 1001st. I want the strengths and giftings I see in him to be what I call out further. I want to build him up and not tear down.

My action for today: Glenn taught today and it was a joy to be able to encourage him afterwards and once again highlight his teaching gift. It was also wonderful to support him through prayer.

My prayer for today: Let me be a wife that does for her husband all of his days. Keep me from a critical spirit. Put his best on my heart. Let my actions show him that I’m his biggest fan . Amen

Two things I love in Glenn – his gentleness with animals and his sense of adventure (our old trucks in the background)

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