Respect dare series – day 13 – A different way

1 Corinthians 13:5

[Love] does not insist on its own way;

Glenn and I have a commitment to finding the “third way” when we disagree. We can both be fairly stubborn so it is a policy that works for us :p But today I’ve been challenged to look at it a different way. No, not to “give in”, or just go with his way (sorry, Glenn!), but to go even deeper. God is challenging me to delve in to what makes Glenn’s wheels turn over. God is challenging me to enter Glenn’s world as deeply as possible – to see his heart, desires, dreams, and motivations. I’m starting with the motivation.

My action for today: I’ve just finished a biography on William and Catherine Booth (founders of the Salvation Army) that really inspired Glenn. Even though we have different literature preferences, it has been worthwhile to start investing time into reading what he enjoys. It helps me to understand Glenn better and his heart. I’m now onto “Secret Believers” about Christianity in Islamic countries with Brother Andrew. Although I really need to get my hands on “God’s Smugglers”, which is more about Brother Andrew’s life.

My prayer for today: Father, please grant me wisdom, understanding, and insight into Glenn’s heart and motives. Help me to see how you’ve created him and what gets him moving. Help me to sacrifice some of my time to dig more deeply into the soil of his world. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Inspirational – William & Catherine Booth

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