Facebook reminded me of a post from last year expressing some things from 2015 for which Glenn and I were grateful. God was good to us in 2015. He is our faithful Provider and I thought it only just to credit Him for 2016 too. First is the post from a year ago and then I’ll add on for the past year.

Facebook post – January 14, 2016

To continue the theme of gratefulness, Glenn tells me I must share what we achieved last year through God’s grace.

Here’s some things that come to mind: we worked on our house, built a chicken coup, started reviving the old orchard, and planted an orchard and garden; we did the wedding ourselves; I finally published two of my books, one to raise funds for the Congo ministry; Glenn ministered through preaching at chapels and teaching at the school, and I ministered through teaching in ywam SA, Rwanda and Uganda.

Of course we’ve also been blessed to travel widely, which allowed Glenn to meet many of my family and friends.

Finally we absolutely have to mention our three adorable adopted stray kittens and our chickens.

Thank you to all who shared our 2015 year and those helping care for our house & pets whilst we’re away.

Grateful for His favour in 2016

What comes to mind when I look back on 2016? Here are the highlights:

God gifted us with life this year – a precious baby boy to come in 2017. What greater miracle is there than this ?

Baby on board

Baby on board

God’s financial provision exceeded all expectations – we started the year in Fiji, spent time with my family in Australia, Glenn was able to attend his brother’s wedding in America and I was able to travel to Rwanda to teach as well as to Lesotho for a family trip. He also provided financially for us to renovate our home.

We were also blessed to have time to enjoy our marriage and learn about each other. God has grown us together and continues to draw us closer as we learn what it means to walk as one.

I was able to publish a third book – The Inductive Bible Study Companion; Unlock the Word available via PDF for free by request through Contact page. I was also blessed to welcome a dear friend to our home for three weeks to begin working on children’s books over viewing the Bible story.  You know God is at work when you finish three first drafts in three weeks!

Finally, the year ended with direction for the future and release back into ministry – starting in 2017 by moving south to help friends with their church plant.

What are you grateful for from 2016?

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