A ministry bringing change

Quite a few of you know about my involvement with the Congo Project and co-founding Redefined Ministries International. My role has been changing with them the last few months – stepping out of the administrative role, but remaining on the Australian board. Still, many of you who are new friends might not know about this work so I want to bring this ministry to attention again here. I’m also including the link to their site. Please also like them on Facebook.

Jalasiga locals during church worship

The longer I’m involved with the people of Jalasiga, DRC, the more I am inspired and encouraged by them. I am also so proud of what the Redefined ground team are achieving. It is a new season for me stepping back a bit, but I’m loving that even more. It’s nice to be able to see the exciting updates without the behind-the-scenes stress, financial concerns, logistical issues, and so forth.

Here’s just a few things that are happening in Jalasiga and Mahagi thanks to Redefined Ministries International and their partners:

  • Birthing project, to promote safe births and decrease the high rate of infant mortality.
  • Medical clinic built and now operating in a rural area. This clinic is also reaching out the community with health education programs, including girls’ education and support groups focusing on menstrual hygiene.
  • Distributions of eye glasses, birthing kits and reusable cloth menstrual pads to improve regional health.
  • Agricultural training to promote sustainable farming and best practise.
  • Working with farmers to work towards fair prices in crop sales.
Distribution of birthing kits

Distribution of birthing kits

The next big project being worked on is:

  •  Commencement of a vocational training program for women that will also impact on health care – the program will focus on sewing reusable cloth menstrual pads.

If you like what they’re doing, please get behind the ministry. One way you can support this ministry, whilst also learning more about the people and history of the Democratic Republic of Congo, is to buy a copy of my book: “Congolese Grandpa; A Life of War, Work and Worship”. All author proceeds go back to the people of the Congo.

Congolese Grandpa; the book I wrote for the ministry about a local

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