Love through personality

Today I want to share a resource with you that I have enjoyed. Recently I have been doing a fair amount of research into the Myer-Briggs personality types. I’ve never been one to enjoy “boxing people”, and can be sceptical about personality models as a result. With any personality model, its important to see the individual underneath their “type”.

So why have I been getting into this one?

The reason why I’ve been enjoying reading into Myer-Briggs is that I find it helpful in my communication with my husband, as well as other family members and friends. It enables me to better understand their responses, motives, and interests. It helps me to relate positively, and not take offence. It is also a great tool of communication when the other person understands Myer-Briggs personalities, as you can then explain where you’re coming from in a less emotionally-attached way.

One of the best podcasts I’ve heard recently on it is how the different types receive and express love. I really enjoyed this podcast because it went beyond love being an emotion. They acknowledge the 5 Love Languages, and I also recommend that as a good tool. I’m focusing on Myer-Briggs

Scripture commands us to love one another. If we are to do this in a way the other person will receive it, then we need to know what will be meaningful for them. Have a listen:

How types say I love you_Personality Hacker

And if you want to see what your personality type is on the Myers-Brigg, then I recommend the following free test:

Free test_via 16personalities

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