Heart Check-up; Malachi d

Before getting into this blog, I’d like to set you a task. Read back through the book  of Malachi (again, it only takes about 10 minutes). See if you can find structure within the book. I’m not talking about the chapters given by the interpreters, but rather a repeating pattern. Don’t try to find hidden meanings, we’re looking for the obvious!

Go and try!

If you’ve had a look and still can’t find something, mark where the people are asking questions of God.

Okay, how did you go?

In the book of Malachi, there are six distinct issues addressed and that is how we’ll be looking at the book together in this series. They are:

  1. Israel, a privileged people, but they ask: How have you loved us?” (1:1-1:5)
  2. Israel’s polluted priesthood, but they say: “How have we despised your name?” (1:6-2:9)
  3. Israel, a polluted people, yet they ask: “Why does He not (accept our offerings)?” (2:10-2:16)
  4. Jehovah the Just, yet they proclaim: Where is the God of Justice?” (2:17-3:5)
  5. A nation thieving tithes, who ask: “How have we robbed you? (3:6-12)
  6. A distinction will be made on The Day, despite their question: How have we spoken against you (it’s vain to serve the Lord)?” (3:13-4:6)
*Malachi calls for a heart check up

*Malachi addresses six issues in the hearts of God’s people

Check in next time to look at Issue #1.

*Image by Lucky Gumbo, curtsey of The Inductive Bible Study Companion; Unlock the Word ©2015

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