#2 From a Mended heart

Reflections on a Season Well Spent

God’s faithfulness continues to astound me as I walk along the path of life. I am impatient by nature and always long to come to the end of any given road. I see the destination and want to sprint to it; however, this is not usually the best move when it comes to the journey of life. As one of my wise friends reminded me at the start of this past season: “Life is a marathon, not a sprint; be sure to pace yourself.”

This holds true for the healing of wounds, too. I lost count of the times I have prayed for God to heal me fully these past few years and I have tried to beat myself up when I seemed to be stuck on cycles of healing, and returning to a wounded state. What I couldn’t see was that it wasn’t one circular track that I was on, but rather a spiralling one, drawing ever closer to the center of the circle.

God has faithfully brought the pieces together again. We often cry out for miraculous healings, especially when we’ve received them in the past, but more often God wants to walk a journey with us so that we can learn a deeper lesson of trust, and gain greater faith, along the way.

It doesn’t matter if it is emotional healing, the anguish of continued physical pain or disability, sickness, hurt, betrayal, fear, past experiences . . . God is faithful and He will walk the path of life with you. There is a lot of wrestling when these circumstances continue in our life, but we can choose whether we wrestle through our lack of understanding with God, or turn away from Him and start to wrestle against God. I have been wrestling with God and have grown in intimacy with Him and trust of Him as a result.

I am blessed to walk the path of healing with God and to have grown in my faith along the way.

With a grateful heart, I thank God for walking the path of life with me; He is Faithful and True and we can trust in Him – even when it seems we are stuck on a circular path with no end in sight.

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