#1 From a Released heart

Reflections on a Season Well Spent

You may have noticed that I have not posted a blog for a while and wondered why. Most of the ones leading up to my extended silence were about tiredness and remembering to rest in God. Perhaps you feared that I had fallen back into work mode and had too many tasks to do, but that is not the case. I’m pleased to say that I’ve done well this past season in releasing my burdens and tasks to God and have come back to the place of reliance on Him; both for strength to work and grace over what I cannot accomplish. One such burden I chose to lay down was blogging and have only now felt to pick it up again.

It has been a joy in this past season to have regained my true identity, finding it once more in who He is and who I have become in Him. Teaching the book of Romans during the school certainly helped me to do so, although it had to “beat me up” a little bit first! If you haven’t read the book for a while, I encourage you to do so; soak in the words of truth as it declares you to be righteous, redeemed, chosen, covered with grace, free from sin, alive in the Spirit, forgiven, loved, an heir with Christ… and so the list goes on.

It has also been a joy, as part of the parcel, to have God release me from who I thought I had to be in order to lead the school (and Congo ministry) well. I am naturally inclined to work autonomously and am best as a leader who releases her staff to do the same. I also have a strong mothering heart and releasing this towards my students certainly allowed the prayers to flow out from me to cover them and sow into their lives. I am blessed to have had amazing leaders to follow the example of, but they would also be the first to tell me to lead as God gifted me, and not try to replicate them; their character traits and strengths, yes, but not the style that comes with personality. It is a joy to be discovering my own God-given style and I am thankful for my staff and students who constantly encouraged and affirmed me in the journey.

I am blessed to be on this journey with God and have the peace that comes from being a child of God.

With a grateful heart, I thank God for releasing my heart from the burden it carried. I am grateful that I no longer need to accomplish tasks, realistic or otherwise, for a sense of worth and security. I am a child of God, loved by the Father. I pray that you are also walking in this truth and, if not, that He will lead you into it.

Teaching the book of Romans on the first School of Biblical Studies to run on the YWAM Kigali base.

Teaching the book of Romans on the first School of Biblical Studies to run on the YWAM Kigali base.

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