Check-up for Success

We have celebrated the end of 2013 and now the New Year is here!

Many of us have looked back on the year just past with glasses of evaluation. Some of us ticked it off as a successful year, looking at the achievement of goals. Others may have decided it was a hard, or happy, year, measuring it in emotional terms.

And even as we evaluated the old, we looked forward to the new with expectant eyes. We set goals, considered plans, and thought on what was to come.

As I considered 2013, I found myself looking for achievements. I wanted to see what I had obtained, completed, or succeeded in. As for this New Year, my focus has been on goal setting and re-focusing my vision. Being on holidays, I’ve also been consciously refuelling my brain for another mental slog in order to see these goals achieved.

And yet I’ve also found myself asking: “What is success before God?” I’m a “striver”. I like to achieve. I like tangible results. And I work myself hard in order to feel I have accomplished something of worth.

Pondering the question “What is success before God?” I came to one word: obedience.

But this led to another question: “If success before God is obedience to Him, how do I know that I’ve been obedient?” I may have achieved many things, but if I’m not walking in intimacy with God, then I may have been walking far from the path He would have had me on. What I achieve is meaningless if it does not coming out of a place of intimacy with God. It is my identity in Christ and my relationship with Him that brings meaning to my life.

So as we enter 2014, I want to encourage you to see time with God as the ultimate goal. Foster your relationship with God this year. Seek time with Him. Build intimacy with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Balance doing for God with time spent being with Him, so that when you are doing, you are doing His will and achieving His purposes.

Happy New Year! May you be blessed with His peace, hope, joy and love in 2014.

To success

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