Eternity in Business

I work for a fantastic company at the moment. I have returned to part-time work as an Occupational Therapist for 6 months whilst I am home and God literally landed this job on my lap. I could have searched for months and not found a couple that I enjoy working for more!

What really impresses me about this company is the focus of the owners. They run their business in fear of the Lord and in light of eternity. They have given the business entirely into His hands and submit it to Him. They navigate the ups and downs of life openly before their employees in a way that brings glory to God through their trust in Him and the openness of their faith.

Let me share an example of how I see them doing business in light of eternity. This example is based on some very special boxes that I’ve just finished putting together . . .

Back near the start of the year we had a look at the Spheres of Society. Whilst looking at the sphere of business, we saw that in the Old Testament land owners were required to leave the gleanings for the poor; for the widows, orphans, and foreigners. We also noted that this principle is timeless and that businesses should look at how they can use their “gleanings” to help those less fortunate. This brings me back to those “special boxes”.

One thing that my work does each year is arranges for each of its employees to participate in Operation Christmas Child. We get to chose whether we donate the items for the boxes or not, because they will reimburse us if we chose not to, but they encourage everyone to participate. They then collect the boxes and see them safely into the hands of Operation Christmas Child (run through Samaritan’s Purse) and then the boxes go on to a very special child in need overseas.

Operation Christmas Child

Their effort on behalf of Operation Christmas Child is just one example of how I’ve witnessed my employers using their business to focus on what matters for eternity. How is your business doing in this regard? How can you live in light of eternity in your workplace?

If you haven’t heard of Operation Christmas Child, I highly recommend you take a look at them:

Perhaps you could even get your work, school or church involved in bringing a smile to a child’s face this Christmas.

Operation Christmas Child

One thought on “Eternity in Business

  1. I love this idea! I also like the Old Testament principle of the land owners being required to leave the ‘gleanings’ to the poor, widows, orphans and foreigners. It’s such a timeless message.
    All the CEO’s on multi-million & billion dollar salaries whilst they exploit their workers in the name of ‘greed’ should read this!!
    I think in general we can all be more charitable, generous and kind.
    I will certainly talk to my work colleagues about this & encourage them to get involved.

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