From my knees I shall not fall

A basic principle in rugby for taking the ball forward into the opposition is to get low, and drive forward. Running into the opposition whilst standing straight and tall is a sure way to get yourself “snapped”, “smashed”, “cut in two” . . . and all such other wonderful phrases that have the same meaning, which is:  “it WILL end badly for you!”

As Christians we often talk about “not falling into temptation”; i.e. that, when tempted to do something we know is wrong, we do not to give in and do it.

How I often try to prevent myself from falling is to be a tree standing tall against the wind of temptation. This would be all well and good if I was a solid oak, but in reality I’m a narrow sapling growing tall to reach the light of the canopy.

And I’m discovering that better than being a skinny sapling, too tall to withstand the winds, is to be the fungi, or shrub, sheltering at the base of a mighty rock; in other words, to remain on my knees before The Rock.

God is the one who protects me. When I stay on my knees (getting low) and focusing on deepening my relationship with him (driving forward), I find it much easier to overcome temptation (breaking through the opposition).


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