Unburdened on my Knees

It seems that I am still learning the lesson that I wrote of in the blog “I need you.” I returned home mentally wrecked from a week away for work. It was my fault for not expressing that I was treading deep water. On top of a work load made large by the fact some of it was new to me was my stubborn determination to work out the administration system by myself, wasting many hours of “free time” trying to master it. I still don’t know how to use it!

I should have sought God’s guidance, making a plan with Him for the week; instead, I kept treading until the weekend came like the receiving of a buoy lifeline.

If I had turned to Him, I would have realised that I don’t have to be super woman. In fact, I will never attain to the tantalising mirage of super woman. Instead, I would have laid down my burdens at His feet and found rest in His presence. Better late than never! I’m at His feet now and it is a wonderful restorative. His grace cloaks me and I feel calm.

The burden of uncompleted tasks, reports to write, a fund raiser to promote and a biography to commence all fade away. Yes, these things need to be done, but I don’t need to finish them NOW. I am learning to let go of my generation’s eagerness to have it all NOW. God is not afraid of the day of small beginnings. He is teaching me to trust Him and His timing. As I do so, I’ll continue to take baby steps towards my objectives.

At the cross

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