Maintaining a Simple Focus

My goal today is to keep this short and to focus us back on what is important. Looking at the Gospel of Matthew this week, our focus has been forced back onto Jesus.

It is easy for us to let our focus slip from Him. I liked how James (our teacher for this book) linked our intentionality in our relationship with Christ to that of our attempts at dieting. We try out a diet (or the discipline of quiet times with God) for a space of time and enjoy the fruits as we watch our waistline decrease, but then we get bored with it or make allowance for small treats (other priorities tug us away from out time with God). Before we know it we’re off the diet (away from God) and we don’t go back to it until we are so repulsed by what we’ve become (physically expanded or spiritually low) that we go back to it.

So here are my questions for you to ponder on:

  • Have you lost sight of Jesus as your treasure and your love? Have you taken Him off the throne and put yourselves on it?
  • Is Jesus the pearl of great worth that you want or is He simply the ticket to the pearl you really want (whether salvation or blessings in this world)?
  • Are you coming to Him for Him – or for yourself, help with your ministry, the salvation of others etc (all these are good but Christ is to be centre)?
  • Are you serving your gifts or serving Jesus with them?

Please take time to think about your relationship with God and whether you truly and honestly desire time with God for His own sake. Ask Him to show you how to put Him back in His rightful position in your life. Put Him back on the throne and enjoy time in His presence.

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