Ezekiel: Testimony Time

I was challenged to start this series on Ezekiel’s life when we recently had class on the book. God asked me to cut off my hair as an enacted symbol when I was studying this book a few years ago. It was an act that has had tremendous impact on my life, but something I rarely share for fear that others will deem it ridiculous. It was during class that God challenged me to share with others why I cut my hair, and not just keep it to myself. So here’s the story:

It seemed crazy at the time – since I hadn’t had it in a bob-cut since I was 2 years old (about 20 years) – but this one simple act of obedience has rooted me in my faith over the past three years. It has given me confidence to step out boldly when God has called me to do things I would have considered even more extreme. At the time I felt God tell me to do it without knowing His reasons why. Nevertheless, I asked why, and He said to learn how to act in immediate obedience, without having to understand what He wanted to do through it.

After I had faithfully been to the hairdresser and lost my long, curly locks, I kept expecting God to show me something else He had done through the act. I expected Him to have had another lesson hidden within it. But the lesson of obedience was the only one He had and it was one of the most significant lessons He has taught me.

But why couldn’t He have taught it to me some other way? I love having long hair. In fact, I took a little too much pride in it! And over the past 3 years as it gradually grows back, it has emboldened me to trust Him when having to be obedient in other things, which seem more extreme.

For example, three years ago I would not have had the faith to start an NGO (non-governmental organisation) in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). And I certainly wouldn’t have had the tenacity of faith to continue working towards our vision for Mahagi Territory in the DRC if it wasn’t for being obedient in the small, seemingly meaningless acts of obedience (one of which being the cutting of my hair) that led up to the DRC ministry (Redefined Ministries International).

God might be asking you to do something which seems meaningless or small. It might seem like it will affect no one else but you, so why do it? Or it might seem of no value, other than to give those around you cause to poke fun at your faith. But step out in obedience all the same! Because you never know what God is preparing you for! We are called to practise obedience in our faith everyday; in the big things, the small things and the crazy things.

Short hair

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