Sphere of Communication: 3 of 3

In the third and final part on the Sphere of Communication, I’d like us to consider freedom of speech and open communication.

3)      Freedom of speech; Freedom of choice

Most of us speak out of our convictions and this can lead us into passionate discussion when talking on a subject close to our heart, or when we discover someone holds a different point of view. We see in Scripture that we need to remember that God has given us all the freedom of both speech and choice

Jesus, the greatest communicator, never silenced anybody in the public forum. The only thing He silenced was demons, and they were telling the truth (about Him being the Son of God before Jesus wanted this revealed). God gave us the choice right back in Genesis 1 & 2 (shouldn’t eat from the tree, but can choose to disobey) and He never took this freedom of choice away. Jesus presented the truth, but His listeners chose what they believed.

We must also remember that truth is most powerful in a free forum. This should be reflected with economic and governmental freedom within nations. A government limiting this is an attempt to limit people’s rights to think and to learn and to form their own opinions. We have the choice to believe or not to believe.

In summary, communication should be:

  • Truthful
  • Life giving
  • Followed by/ reflected in action
  • Freely allowed
  • Unbiased and factual

Application: give people the right information so that they can make the choice; tell the truth so that people can decide. Don’t try to control people or twist the story so that people will believe what you want them to. Do not manipulate people and their thinking.

We share the Gospel by how we live in every area of society. Communicating the Gospel is not just about sharing the message of salvation; we share the Gospel by how we live.



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