Science and Technology

Science is often considered as an opponent to God and scientists as opponents to the church, but this is not the case. We see in Genesis 1 & 2 that God is the Creator. God created the seen and the unseen world; He put the laws of physics into place. This shows us that, not only is He creative, but He is also a God of Order and Power. And He still governs over the world through the Laws of Nature (gravity, matter etc). God is for science and I believe that He revels in scientists, cheering them on when they make another discovery about His creation.

This sphere is also inclusive of healthcare. He is the God of Prevention, Healing and Cure. He is also the God of Nutrition and Sanitation. Enjoy exploring God the Great Physician through the books of the Pentateuch. For example, look at what we can learn just from one passage:

Principles from Deut 23:9-14

  • Hygiene/ sanitation
  • Outside the camp is well away from food preparation
  • Preventing spread of contagious diseases, including STDs, through bodily fluids
  • Prevent contact with these things to prevent transmission of disease
  • Prevent bacteria, fungus etc growing from bodily fluid
  • Preventing spread of disease in confined quarters of a war camp
  • Protecting them from bad smells within the camp
  • Stop outbreaks of flies etc (maggots)

God is a God of Prevention. 4000 years ago, well before modern medicine, God was caring for His people in the area of health! Even today, limited health knowledge and poor practices leads to death in many third-world nations. Consider the consequences of poor water sanitisation or contaminated food.

Included in these passages are laws of cleanliness throughout the Pentateuch, which deal with bodily fluid, human excrement, contact with carcases, sexual purity and so forth. God did not put them in place to chastise His people but to protect them from disease and illness. Again, we can learn from these laws today. Consider the spread of AIDs by multiple sexual partners, which is killing millions of people and leaving many children orphaned.

Look at the science and technology that we have today. God wants to challenge our split thinking (that some things are “more spiritual” than others). God is a God of the material world! Yes, God does the miraculous, but He also wants to do it through us working in the material world.

Take a look at Scripture and see the Great Physician, Inventor, Creator and Scientist!

 A water well in DRC

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