Looking at Spheres in Soceity

“If the Gospel is not relevant to the issues of the day, then it is not the Gospel at all” – Martin Luther

This week I have been involved in a seminar called “Reality Check”. It is a short seminar that introduces the “spheres of society” and what the Old Testament has to say on them.

Yes, I did say Old Testament! Today, the Old Testament is sometimes seen as “irrelevant” or “no longer needed” now that the New Testament has come. We can forget that Jesus had the Pentateuch (first 5 books in the Old Testament) memorised by the time He was 12! Not only had He memorised it, but He was a step ahead of the religious leaders of the time. The Pharisees merely learnt the Word, Jesus saw the heart behind it, how to bring understanding of it to those around Him, and lived it out.

God gave the first 5 books, the Pentateuch, to His people when He was forming them into a nation. These books were written during the “wilderness years” between Israel being led out of slavery in Egypt and when they finally entered the Promised Land. In these books is found God’s heart for His nation; how the nation was to live and run. And in these books we find principles for our society, today.

Yes, today we can find truths and principles in the Old Testament that are not only relevant to the different areas of society but are crucial to influencing our society with the ways of God!

So, what are the spheres of society? The model that we are using looks into the following areas:

  • Government
  • Economy
  • Education
  • Communication, Arts and Media
  • Church & Religion
  • Science, Health, Technology
  • Family

During the next few blogs, I am going to give you a little taste of God’s heart and message to each of the spheres, but I’m also going to challenge you to dig into His Word yourself and explore what it has to say for each of these spheres, especially the one you are in. God has a purpose for where He has placed you and calls you to serve Him in the spheres you find yourself. It is important that we know His heart for the spheres because we, as the body of Christ, are the church; we as believers are the church and it is the role of the church to represent Him in society.

But to fully represent Him as the body, we must fully know who He is and His desire for the different spheres of society. As a businessmen, we must understand who He is as a just God and His heart for economics; as politicians, we must know His heart for societies and justice; as parents, we must know His heart for family; as scientists, we must know His heart for science and technology; and so on for each of the spheres.

God cares about all areas of life and society – His interest is not limited to Sunday church! So get excited as we look into the spheres!

Spheres of Society


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