On Friday night a group of us went to see Les Miserables (it has only just come out in South Africa). It’s a musical/ book/ film I often hear the name of, but had not previously seen. I thoroughly enjoyed it, finding it tense and yet with humourous moments interspersed throughout the story line. But I wasn’t able to fully enter into the story. Usually this would disappoint me and I would feel as if I had lost out on some of the atmosphere. This time, however, I found that it intensified the already highly-charged emotions the movie stirred within me.

Sitting in that theatre, watching a film depicting the struggles and hopes of the lowest class of society during the French Revolution, my mind kept taking me to the faces of the children in the DRC and to the faces of my friends in the DRC. It saddened me that there are still so many people world-wide who live desperate, broken, hopeless lives. And it challenged me to consider what I am going to do about it.

We have daily choices to make regarding whether we will ignore the plight of others that we see around us or whether we will take a small step to help. I will be teaching the book of Leviticus in a couple of weeks and as I study I am overwhelmed by the community responsibility that God was trying to create amongst His people. Neighbours were to care for neighbours, brothers were to protect brothers, and everybody knew everybody else’s business. There was no divorcing oneself from the wider needs of the community.

Perhaps you are already involved in outreaches. Perhaps you are already in ministry. But if not, perhaps you can consider who and how you can love your neighbour this year. Whether through prayer, time, finances, teaching, friendship . . . reach out to others this year. Reach out to one helpless person or one friendless neighbour.

Gal 2:10 Only, they asked us to remember the poor, the very thing I was eager to do. 

Reaching out

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