Approaching the Finish Line

Wow time flies! I was given a slight rebuke this week for not having written a blog for some time. It was definitely a fair reminder and so I offer my apology for being slack!

The last couple of weeks have been fairly chaotic but God’s guiding hand has brought stability through it all; even with Him pulling the rug out from under my feet once more. But in all of it God remains the same, His character is unchanging, and so I find peace and comfort. Here is a summary of how life is going:

The DTS:
I have seen tremendous growth in each one of the students over the last 10 weeks. God’s finger print is clearly displayed all over their lives as He moulds and shapes them as new creations. He is healing past hurts, binding up what was broken. The lecturers have brought revelations and most weekends see the students looking a little stunned as they try to process all the information they have just been given.

Bible Studies:
Chollom and I continue to share the teaching of the Bible Studies. I must say this is a highlight for me. I have discovered an untapped passion for equipping them to study the Bible and dig into it for themselves. The method we are teaching them is very full-on but I am so proud of how well they are picking it up! This is definitely a highlight of my week and, overall, of the school!

We’ve continued to do small weekly outreaches. Many of the students seem to enjoy the school outreach when we went to local primary schools doing skits, games and short teachings about Christ and Scripture. I continue to really love the time at Isibani, a local community centre, where we have been going weekly to uplift the workers through prayer, fellowship and teaching. We’ve also done some practical ministry throughout the school, such as painting.

The Drakensberg continues to feel like a home away from home; just as it did 3 years ago on my own DTS. This certainly helps you feel more comfortable in the environment and in the role as staff member! Community living has its challenges at times but there is such a family feel on base. Glenn and I continue moving forward in our relationship and are trying to use the remaining time together wisely to solidify our friendship.

The last couple of weeks have seen the school getting tired with the work load – lectures intellectually tire one with the amount of new information and then there is outreach to plan for and assignments to complete. But people are being very intentional towards maintaining strong relationships and being sensitive towards each other when they need space and processing time. Great opportunity to practise the fruits of the Spirit: love, joy, patience, kindness, goodness, self-control…

Plans have a way of changing when you walk with God. He likes pulling the carpet out from under my feet just when I have everything neatly placed and planned. I will be returning to Australia as planned, after a short week trip to Uganda (definitely a flying visit but more about that later). I’ll now be home for 3 months rather than 2 but I will not be going on to staff the School of Biblical Studies in Taiwan. I will be returning to South Africa in April 2012. I don’t have set plans but at this stage it is looking at remaining in some form of ministry; whether with YWAM or more community based (perhaps using the OT skills…). Who knows – life is an adventure! There is also a project stemming from Congo/ Uganda that am involved in but it will not require me to physically be in Uganda; I’ll be helping in a more administrative and networking capacity.

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