Welcome to D.T.S.

This week marked the start of the September DTS in the Drakensberg, South Africa. The base currently runs 2 DTSs a year – one commences in January and the other in September. The DTS is YWAM’s (Youth with a Mission) foundational school. It stands for ‘Discipleship Training School’. The school consists of 2 phases – the lecture phase and outreach phase.

The lecture phase, which has just begun, consists of 12 teaching weeks. The lecture topics for this school will be:
1. Intro to YWAM
2. Nature and Character of God
3. Holy Spirit
4. Inner Healing
5. Word of God
6. Discipleship
7. Relationships
8. Worship
9. Spiritual Gifts
10. Victory in the Cross
11. Team Dynamics
12. Debrief

Unfortunately, one of our guest speaks had to pull out but I am selfishly excited about the opportunity it has given me to teach on the ‘Word of God’ week. Chollom, the school leader, and me will teach the students using the inductive Bible Study Method we learnt on the School of Biblical Studies. In addition to this week, we are taking Bible studies every Thursday morning. It confirmed my passion for equipping the church in Bible teaching when I took this Thursday’s class on the Bible Overview.

Other than the set lecture times, the students are also involved in the following duties and activities:
• Base Worship
• Chapel talk (practising giving sermons, testimonies and messages in front of an audience)
• Base Intercession (prayer)
• Outreaches to local schools, townships and serving local ministries.
• One-on-ones: students meet one to one with a staff member. The student brings the agenda and it is an opportunity to process what they are learning and what God is doing in their lives.
• Small groups (processing over the week’s teachings and events. On larger schools the students are broken up in to groups of 4 or 5 but as this is a small school we remain as a whole group).
• Community meetings – inviting the community to a time of fellowship and worship. The guest lecturer also gives a small message.
• Missions evenings – guests are invited in to show the students different sides of missions.
• Work duty – a very important part of discipleship and growth! Students help out with base living such as cooking an cleaning for about 2 hours a day during the week. We rotate weekend cooking duty.
• Journals– the students journal each week. They record things such as:
o New Ideas – something new they learnt that week
o Intercession – what God was speaking to them during intercession
o Cheer – a positive experience during the week or something that they really enjoyed.
o Jeer – something negative or that they disliked.
o Etc
• Book reports – the students read 2 books during the school which they complete a book report on summarising what they learnt or the main theme of the book. The compulsory reading is “Is that really you, God?” about how YWAM was founded.

I hope this gives you a small insight to life during a DTS lecture phase. As a staff member I help facilitate this time as well as lead small aspects of the class times. I take some of the one-on-ones with the girls. The other female staff member is away at the moment and so this week I took the 3 female students. It is such a privilege and a humbling experience. We also lead small groups and some of the intercession times, coordinate outreaches, arrange for the outreach phase, “mark” the journals each week, and so forth.

Its been busy but I love it. I am so glad God gave me this opportunity and it is a privilege to see what He has already begun in the lives of our students. It is a school I recommend for anyone who desires to know God more and develop their relationship with Him. It certainly isn’t a holiday but it is more than worth it!!!

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