Moving On…

Afoyo (greetings)! E te ma bear (how are you)?

As I write this I reflect on my time spent in Gulu which is about to come to a close. The team will head to Jinja tomorrow – about a 7 hour drive from here. The DTS team will leave back to the States on Wednesday after their debrief in Jinja. They have been here about 8 weeks. Jenny, Maggie and I will remain in Jinja for another 3 weeks.

Our ministry time in Gulu finished strong with the sports camp seemingly a positive experience for all the children and an opportunity to build their skills, relationships and share the Gospel message of Christ’s love for them.

The sports focused on were soccer and volleyball. Being talented in neither made it an interesting experience! Mum will remember my serves that always seemed to find their way in to the crowd of watching parents rather than the vollwyball court.. enough said. Jenny and I primarily ran the conditioning station which made miss rugby as we drew on some of these exercises.

Whilst many children were there simply for their love of sport and activity, some of them came because of their growing friendship with us. These children are the ones that I will particularly miss. How is it that children can imbed themselves so quickly within our hearts?

In Jinja I will mainly be assisting preparing for a Titus outreach (Bible teaching outreach). I will not be here still when it starts but will be involved in the preparation stages. Jenny will remain to staff on this school whilst I head to South Africa.

One thought on “Moving On…

  1. Wonderful to hear about the growing friendships with the kids! Sounds like it’s been an uplifting time. Keep up your good cheer and enthusiasm, you’re amazing!

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