Uganda – week 1

Afoyo! Greetings!

It seems much longer than a week since I left Australian shores for all good reasons. Arriving in Uganda I joined in with the ministry of a Discipleship Training School’s outreach team. My very dear friend, Jenny, has been leading the DTS team from the States. There are a couple of other ‘add ons’ like me. They are the first DTS team to partner with the ministry of Soldiers of Christ and have been busy building relationships at the ministry and within the community. I was blessed to come in to a group that had already done ground work establishing relationships.

What is happenings at Soldiers of Christ?

The team has helped to bring greater structure and accountability protocols to the ministry. Due to the blessings of people in the States the ministry has recently received hundreds of educational books. The team has catelogued the books and are now waiting on the manufacture of bookshelves to be able to set these up. Thanks to the generous donations from Australia the ministry will be able to pay school fees for next term for an approximate 60 school aged student sponsored by the organisation.

What has the past week looked like for me?

  • Preaching – I was privelged to preach at church on Sunday. I talked on wrestling with God and not against Him. The church service has a teaching, a time of testimonies and a sermon. Jenny led the teaching and taught on the Inductive Bible Study method we learnt on SBS. There is of course much worship and prayer in between.
  • Sports camp – This week and next we are running a sports camp during the school holidays for children 12 and over. The age restriction has not stopped younger children flocking around the oval! Our focuse has been on Volleyball and Soccer. There is apparantly a rugby team here that trains each week night and I hope to make my way down one evening.
  • School visits – The DTS team has been going to Gulu Army School one lunch time a week where students can choose to come to a teaching time. I joined in the team’s question and answer time last week. They asked some deep questions such as, “If God has forgiven us, why do we find it so hard to forgive each other?”
  • Back to school – I’m helping a student called Simon with his Biology which is bringing back some memories! Haha
  • Relationships – A lot of time is spent building relationships. This may be playing with the children at the ministry or conversing with older students and adults. Maggie and I were privelged to be invited to dinner with a family last week. It was humbling to share their meal and hear of their lives.
  • Titus Project – I am part of a team beginning to prepare for a Titus outreach within Uganda taht will start in October. This is a Bible Teaching outreach through Youth with a Mission. I won’t be here for it but I am helping them to prepare.

God has been doing so much already in this season. It is a joy to be here and see Him working in this land. I look at these people who have gone through so much and, by our standards, live ‘simply’ but even amidst the sorrow and the hardship they have a joy that cannot be beaten down. I will try and paint a picture of what I’ve seen of the culture and life here in the next entry but for now it is ‘good bye’. I’ll try to get some pictures up too!

Bless you!

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