Return to Africa – take 2

South Africa – 3 1/2 months

Following on from Uganda, I will move to South Africa where I will staff on a Discipleship Training School (DTS).

Essential the purpose of the DTS is as its name suggests -> to raise up disciples of Christ. The idea is not for Youth with a Mission (YWAM) to be separate from the church but to be a tool utilised by the church, the body of Christ. The school enables individuals to come in to a “bubble” providing increased security to grow in their faith as they learn about God and themselves. The DTS is an equipping course with the prayer of sending each individual back to where God would have them -> whether to more traditional mission work, paid employment, studies (many 18 yo), families – or wherever they are called. You could think of it a bit like the Alpha course; it aims to teach on foundational topics.

The place where I will be located is the Drakensberg base which is about 2 hours north of Durban, near the border of Lesotho. It is a beautiful part of the world and I am blessed to be going back there having done my own DTS as a student at the Drakensberg base.

As staff I will be involved in the logistics of the school as well as just being there to support the students. This may involve hospitality for speakers, organising work duties, meetings, one on ones where the students can debrief, leading prayer times, worship sessions, and mini outreaches. The first three months is known as the lecture phase and this is what I will be staffing. Guest lecturers are often utilised who come for the week to share about the topic that is their areas of expertise.

Topics include:

•Hearing the voice of God – who hasn’t asked how we hear God at some point?
•Father heart of God
•Destiny by Design – this was one of the weeks that really impacted on my life. During DTS God was unfolding my giftings and showing me dreams that I had pushed aside in eagerness to grow up, thinking they weren’t relevant in the ‘real world’ or were impossible. During this week we looked back on the old “when I grow up I want to be…”, our natural talents, our interests, our experiences and our personalities. We consider how these could be used in our outreach phase and in our lives.
Having never staffed the DTS I can not give you it from the perspective of a staff member. Im a little intimidated because they say staff is so much more draining – and being in the school is exhausting enough! But as Paul said, God’s grace is sufficient…

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